Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning

Plan not just for the end of your business, but for something new.

Succession planning is no easy task; research shows that the failure of family-owned entities can essentially be traced back to poor succession planning. While some may look at succession as the end of the business, this critical planning can actually be the first step towards a brand new beginning – holding the opportunity to maximize wealth, creating an ongoing multi-generation institution, or allowing for new ownership and management succession.

The Innovative CPA Group can help you navigate this daunting process by assessing your financial situation and budget and moving on to the next steps including business valuation preparation, business goals, transition, and tax-attribute preservation. The Innovative team can also provide advisement and future analysis to achieve your succession plan goals.

After assessing your financial situation and budget, we will prepare business valuations and consider your goals.

Trust the experts to help you transition, sell or recapitalize your business.

Rely on future analysis and communication to achieve succession plan goals.