Cost Segregation Studies

Cost Segregation Studies

The fast track to larger tax deductions.

One of the best kept secrets in slashing taxes is a Cost Segregation Study (CSS). In the simplest terms, to gain larger tax deductions in a shorter span of time, the study accelerates depreciation. Larger tax deductions may lead to increased cash flow and lower cost of capital within the first few years of the purchase of a building, new construction or property renovation. The Innovative CPA Group uses CSS as a tax planning tool – a smart investment for most companies who meet the criteria.

Cost Segregation is a Specialization
If you own commercial property or residential rentals and are looking for a good way to reduce tax liability and increase cash flow, there is a tax strategy you should consider.  A Cost Segregation is an excellent tax planning tool that is compliant with IRS regulations. It allows a business to increase cash flow and accelerate both federal and state income tax depreciation deductions on real estate you purchase, construct, expand or remodel.

Reduce Taxes + Increase Cash Flow
Our tax professionals at The Innovative CPA Group will perform a detailed study of your building and provide you with a report that identifies the items that qualify for accelerated depreciation. We look for items in your commercial real estate property that can qualify for shorter depreciable lives, including electrical systems, piping, decorative treatments, wall coverings and special finishes, lighting systems, and even parking lots. A Cost Segregation study on property you purchased or built in the prior year may qualify for a catch-up deduction you can take in the current tax year that may significantly reduce your quarterly tax burden.

Find opportunities to reduce real estate tax liabilities with typical savings seen to ten times the cost of the study.

Work hand-in-hand with a strategic engineering partner with the Innovative team scrutinizing detailed schedules and capitalized project cost reports.

Proven methodologies are used to analyze and cross-reference documentation, all to disclose savings opportunities for your business.