Cameron Mirkhani

Senior Accountant

Cameron is the newest addition to the ICG Team! Cameron brings experience in taxation, auditing, private equity, financial institution accounting, and much more. Cameron’s education and experience have well prepared him for his new role as ICG Senior Accountant.


Western Connecticut State University

  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Financial Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration

Career Highlights

  • Cameron has a background in Individual Taxation, and Auditing as well as Private Equity and Financial Institution accounting
  • Cameron also specializes in audit engagements and individual taxation

Did You Know?

  • Outside of the office Cameron enjoys spending time with his wife, Lauren, and his dog, Karl.

  • He also enjoys playing golf, iRacing, and is an avid motorsports fan.

  • Seeing Triple? Well, Cameron is a triplet! The trio is comprised of two sisters, Chelsea who is just 1 minute older, and Julianne who is just 1 minute younger.

  • Talk about breaking records…Cameron has participated in 3 Guinness World Records; World’s Largest Card Stunt (2007), World’s Largest Fan Wave (2008) & the World’s Largest Karaoke (2009)