Free Excel Tools

The Innovative CPA Group has built a library of FREE Excel Tools for you to use! These comprehensive tools are a great resource to keep you organized when evaluating your finances.

Many employers offer 401(k) retirement plans to their employees and if you are lucky enough to have one available to you, they can be an effective retirement tool. Our 401(k) calculator considers your current and projected income as well as your employer’s match toward your traditional 401(k), then calculates your projected balance at the end of your investment period. The tool also gives you a rundown on all your investment years leading up to retirement, including your salary, annual contribution, employer contribution, interest accrued, and year-end balance. You also have the option to input your retirement savings goal and what changes can be made to reach your goal.

rental property valuation calculator

The Real Estate Valuation Tool is great for residential property investors who are looking to value a prospective investment. Input all the known information about a property to calculate Loan Assumptions, CAP Rate, Net Operating Income, Net Property Cash Flow, and Annual Return on Equity. Also, view the property’s vacancy rate and unit mix.

Loan Amortization Excel

Our Loan Amortization Tool helps depict an amortizing loan where the principal of the loan is paid down over its lifetime according to a schedule of equal payments. Additional payments can be added periodically and will adjust the length of the loan’s lifetime as well as the cumulative interest paid. The tools also include graphs that provide visual representations of your principal, interest and remaining balances throughout the loan’s lifetime.

Multi-Property Cash Flow Tool

Innovative CPA Group’s Multi-Property Cash Flow Tool helps property owners and managers keep track of their monthly income and expenses giving them a better insight into their overall gross income! Keep track of up to 12 different property finances, as well as your current overview of all your properties for the entire year!


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