Real Estate Advisory Services

Real Estate Advisory Services

Partner With an Experienced Advisor

Our Philosophy
The Innovative CPA Group is a team of forward-thinking accounting, tax, and business experts servicing businesses and high net-worth individuals in Connecticut and across the nation. We use cutting-edge technology and a collaborative approach to find the savings our clients need and the peace of mind they want.

Real Estate Advisory Services
The Innovative CPA Group offers advice and guidance based on our real world experience in Real Estate investing. Charlie Smith, managing partner and CPA, has purchased over $120 million dollars of commercial real estate in the past 10 years. His purchases include apartment buildings, office buildings, mixed-use properties, and shopping centers.

Are you considering securing your financial future by investing in Real Estate? Reach out to Charlie Smith before you make any decisions. Let Charlie and his team help you —

  • Analyze the financial viability of the property you are thinking of purchasing or buying.
  • Negotiate the purchase or sale of your property.
  • Connect you with a large pool of real estate investor clients.
  • Explore the best financing options through ICG’s numerous trusted banking relationships.
  • Understand property management by tapping into our experience in managing properties.
  • Meet reliable and effective commercial brokers.
  • Select the most tax-optimized business entity choice and structure.
  • Develop cash flow projections.
  • Obtain a cost segregation study that can reduce tax liability and increase cash flow.
  • Prepare your taxes.
  • Establish the current market value of your property with a Capitalization Rate Analysis.

Real Estate Services & Expertise

  • Cost Segregation studies
  • Like-kind exchanges
  • Real estate accounting
  • Property management accounting
  • Installment sales taxation
  • Passive loss rental properties
  • Rental property deductions
  • Triple net leases
  • Capitalization rate
  • Commercial real estate loans
  • Investment real estate
  • Real estate Family Limited
  • Partnerships (FLPs)
  • Real estate crowdfunding
  • Investing IRA money in real estate