TCJA Depreciation Highlights
Sep 17, 2019
The TCJA made several changes to depreciation rules, here are three changes that have had a significant impact on taxpayers.
5 Ways to Implement Internal Controls at Your Company or Organization
Sep 6, 2019
As a business owner or manager, the growth of your business and bottom line is paramount. Internal controls play an important role in this growth.
ABLE Accounts - A revolutionary way for persons with disabilities to save money
Aug 30, 2019
The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act was enacted by Congress in 2014. The purpose was to create a savings program similar to the 529…
How to Leverage Your Side Hustle for Tax Savings
Aug 23, 2019
When you move from employee to self-employed/business owner a treasure trove of new deductions and options becomes available to you.
Common Financial Accounting Terms Explained – Part 2
Aug 6, 2019
Financial accounting terminology can sound like a foreign language sometimes. Earlier this year we presented an article unpacking some common…
Tax Benefits of ROTH Conversions
Jul 29, 2019
There are many retirement plan choices available for today’s workforce, many of which provide tax benefits by deferring tax liability until funds are…
Rental Use of Your Vacation Home
Jul 23, 2019
There are possible tax implications you should consider and ways to use that vacation home as part of your overall tax plan to optimize your…
Changes to Connecticut’s Family Medical Leave Act
Jul 16, 2019
Over the last few months Connecticut has been addressing the issue of medical leave.
IRS Form 990: The Not-for-Profit Entity Tax Return, Overview
Jul 8, 2019
While, in most cases, not-for-profits are exempt from paying income tax, the IRS requires that they still file a return.
Own Multiple Businesses? - 199A aggregation may increase your deduction
Jul 2, 2019
How to know if aggregating your businesses for Section 199A (QBI Deduction) will increase your benefit.