4 Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed

With fraud, cyber-attacks, and scams on the rise, and with schemes evolving and becoming increasingly more sophisticated, it can be a little overwhelming to a business owner who may be contemplating “am I next?” You don’t have to resolve yourself to being duped and just becoming another statistic. We have some pointers to aid in scam detection and prevention.

1) Maintain skepticism at all times

One of the first things you and your employees can do is to simply use commonsense precautions in going about your daily email and phone communications. If something looks off about that email with an attachment that appears to be coming from your peer, it probably is. Sometimes a quick call or face-to-face conversation can confirm its legitimacy. Scam phone calls are becoming increasingly hard to detect, as they may appear to use your local area code but actually originate elsewhere. If something the caller is telling you to do or information they are requesting from you does not sound right, bring this to the attention of your peers. Consider Googling these suspicious phone numbers.

2) Regularly backup your company’s data

A particular threat known as ransomware has been on the rise over the last several years. With this kind of attack, an employee usually clicks on a suspicious attachment which infects their computer files and files on the company network that their computer has access to. The attack will encrypt all of the files so they cannot be accessed and then demand a ransom be paid (usually in the form of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin). If you maintain an independent backup off of the network, you put yourself in a better position should the scammers demand a ransom for the affected files.

3) Invest in your IT security infrastructure

When was the last time you evaluated you firewall and network security? An important way to fend off attacks is investing in strong security over your network. Put the time in to research options and don’t be afraid to consult the professionals.

4) Establish written policies addressing scams

And finally, put all of this information out there so your employees have some clear guidance on how they can do their part to keep your company’s resources safe. Consider circulating memos, posting to the bulletin board in the breakroom, or establishing policies.

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