Accountex – An  Independent Accounting Technology Expo

Accountex ( is the leading independent accounting technology conference and expo, delivering top-rated content with the most innovative solutions in the marketplace. The conference consists of breakout sessions led by top leaders of their industries, and exhibitors from all areas of accounting technology.  Two Innovative CPA Group team members went to the annual conference in Boston.

Are you in compliance with your sales tax?

The complexities surrounding sales and use tax have become overwhelming for small businesses.  Sales tax nexus used to be defined as solely having a physical presence in a state, but now states are expanding their rules.  We learned about recent changes including proposed bills, reporting requirements, voluntary disclosure programs, etc.  We also met with representatives from a company that helps with sales tax compliance.  Avalara ( is a company that provides tax automation including sales and use, global commerce, excise, etc.  It operates behind the scenes, calculating, collecting, remitting and filing the required forms with the appropriate agencies.  It is currently compatible with over 580 accounting systems, including Quick Books.   

Are you maximizing your time? 

We learned about the “Get and transform” tool that is available in 2016 Microsoft Excel.  This advanced technique involves importing and manipulating data which results in significantly reducing time-consuming projects.  We also learned about Zapier (  Zapier connects your apps, which in effect automates your workflow.  Currently, there are over 750 apps that it works with by seamlessly moving your information between them, including Quick Books online.    

Are you tracking your business miles?  

Mile IQ ( is a mobile app that logs your business mileage simply and effectively.  It operates in the background tracking your miles driven.  You swipe right or left depending on if the trip was business or personal.  It creates reports for you to send to your accountant which allows them to prepare your tax return accurately.  The annual fee is $60, and we have a 20% off code for our clients. 

Our Investment

At The Innovative CPA Group we invest in our education, and implement the best available technology in order to deliver quality proactive services to our clients.  That is why when we heard about Accountex, we knew we had to go.    

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact an Innovative CPA Group team member who would be happy to speak with you.