Connecticut Grants, Rebates and Loans – Capital For Your Business

loan-approved.jpgEvery business needs to have capital to operate and succeed in their industry. While this can be built through profits, investors, or owners, there are several resources for Connecticut businesses who are interested in finding additional funding through grants, rebates, and favorable loans.


Grants are available through both the Federal Government and the State of Connecticut. Connecticut currently has opportunities for companies in the following industries:



Energize CT offers an array of rebates for upgrading outdated equipment to newer energy efficient options. You can use their “Find a Solution For Your Business” tool and see how you can save money by updating equipment. They also have incentives and free consultations for making your business more efficient.


In an effort to increase job creation and growth the Small Business Express Program offers various types of financial assistance through low interest loans. Established Connecticut Businesses need to meet certain criteria but may be eligible for loans up to $300,000. For more information go to

There are also loans that will finance the installation of solar or clean energy in your business or personal residence. The Connecticut Green Bank is focused on green energy in Connecticut and offers a variety of programs.  If you own a commercial or residential building in Connecticut and are thinking of upgrading the buildings systems, this program may be right for you. It is also beneficial for contractors to be aware of the opportunities available for clients.

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