Over the next four years, the Taxpayer Service Center (TSC) will be replaced with myconneCT. The new site will be mobile friendly and have new features to make filing and paying taxes easier for businesses, such as systems added to reduce calculation errorsrequired information checks before return submission, and confirmations numbers to ensure CT DRS receipt. Returns can be filed early, accounts can be viewed in one place, return/payment history will be available anytime, and electronic versions of DRS correspondence can be viewed. 


How to Register 


Registering a new business is still done on the TSC Website.  


Existing businesses can get ready by doing the following: 

1.Obtain a PIN from the TSC.  

2.Create a myconneCT username. 

    • a. Enter the CT registration number, owner’s last name or entity’s legal name, a piece of shared info between the business and DRS (Pin, letter, tax due, recent payment). 
    • b. Select either standard user (business owners) or Third-Party Bulk Filer (if you file and pay for others). 
    • c. Enter the CT tax registration number and Business’s legal name. Sole proprietors: enter last name. 
    • d. Enter details of shared info from step 1. 
    • e. Create a usernamepassword, and security questions and add the email associated with the account.  
    • f. Confirm all required info has been entered. 
    • g. Submit – You will receive a confirmation number once the account has been created. 

3.Those who use a debit block, need to provide their bank with the new code for myconneCT. Some tax types now must be submitted on myconneCT and should use the code: T061380598. 


Which Taxes need to be Filed on myconneCT? 


Each year, additional tax types will transition to myconneCTStarting Monday, September 21, 2020, taxpayers must use myconneCT to file returns, make payments, view filing history, and communicate with the agency regarding the following taxes. These will also be disabled on TSC starting September 2, 2020. 

TSC will continue to handle all other tax filings and accept required payroll and non-payroll payments (CT-WH and CT-8109) through the end of September  


If you want more information on DRS website updates, or need help with tax preparation, contact our tax professionals at The Innovative CPA Group at 203-489-0612.  Or contact us online.