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Secure File Transfer for Clients

Beginning in 2024, The Innovative CPA Group will now deliver tax returns electronically for those who qualify using SafeSend Returns—an intuitive application with a step-by-step, automated filing experience.

With SafeSend, clients have the convenience of uploading tax documents, and reviewing, signing, and submitting their tax return and Form 8879 for e-file authorization — all from your computer or mobile device.

For a better understanding of the SafeSend Returns experience, we encourage you to watch the videos below:

1040 Clients:

Entity Clients with K-1 Distribution:

SafeSend FAQ

Where do the identity verification questions come from? What if I don’t remember the answers?2024-01-10T13:41:17+00:00

The questions SafeSend Returns asks are knowledge-based questions pulled from government and credit sources. You may be asked questions such as where you lived in a given year, or when you bought your car or home. In the event the questions do not apply to you, simply choose the answer that accurately reflects this. If you don’t remember the answers to the questions, or you answer incorrectly, you won’t be able to electronically sign your e-file authorization form(s).

You can instead print, sign, and return your e-file authorization form(s) to us in person to ensure security or give us a call and we will happily resend a copy to you with an authorization link to your email instead.

I’m confused and can’t find my way through SafeSend.2024-01-09T18:29:36+00:00
  • We are able to screen share and walk you through the process if need be. Just give us a call!
  • Other options include:
    • Watching one of the 4 min client experience videos above that show you step by step how you can walk through the process.
    • Or you can always click on SafeSend Steve the owl anywhere in SafeSend. SafeSend Steve is an AI powered chatbot that you can ask any non-tax related questions you need answered about the software.
Is SafeSend secure?2024-01-10T13:33:22+00:00

Yes. SafeSend Returns offers a secure system to view and sign your e-file authorization form(s).

Look for https:// at the beginning of the site URL and a locked padlock symbol in your browser’s URL bar to confirm you are on the secure site.

Additionally, each time you receive an access link you will be prompted to enter two-factor authentication or answer security questions. This helps keep your returns secure and your information protected.

How do I get back to my Tax Return later?2024-01-09T18:04:01+00:00

Please retain a copy of the email containing a link to your return from The link included therein will allow you to access your return in the future if you want to review or download a copy later.

There was nowhere for me to pay my invoice in SafeSend.2024-01-09T18:02:19+00:00

You might need to go back to the payment link. You could have missed it. We can also send the invoice again directly to your email.

I could not pay the invoice through SafeSend.2024-01-09T18:01:39+00:00
  • Make sure to press the “Pay Now” link on the invoice.
  • If it still is not working, give us a call so we can send the invoice again directly to your email.
I was able to sign but my child was not.2024-01-09T18:00:50+00:00
  • If your child is filing on their own, they will have their own return sent to them to sign.
  • If not, they do not need to sign, you can sign their Form 8879 for them. These will be attached to your return. If you cannot find these forms, give us a call so we can resend the separate Form 8879 for you to sign.
My spouse and I file our return jointly. How can we both sign the e-file authorization form(s)?2024-01-10T13:55:42+00:00

For those filing “Married Filing Jointly,” the system will ask you to provide your spouse’s email address. You and your spouse may share the same email address. Your spouse will then receive the same email and follow the same instructions to electronically sign the e-file authorization forms.

If a couple shares an email address, the initial recipient will receive an email with a Subject line that denotes who the link is being sent to for the respective individual to view the return and sign the e-file authorization form(s). He or she will sign the e-file authorization form(s) and provide the other spouse’s email address (same as used for initial delivery), which will send an email link to the second spouse that includes the respective signer’s name in the Subject line. Once the second spouse electronically signs the e-file authorization form(s), our firm will be automatically notified.

  • Please note, the IRS requires both individuals to electronically sign independently of each other.
I was able to sign but my spouse was not.2024-01-09T17:58:39+00:00
  • Note: Your partner is not required to sign if you are designated as the primary signer.
  • At the end of signing, there is a spot to put in your spouse’s email address to send it to them for signing.
  • Confirm you put the correct email in.
  • You can also put your own email address and sign for them.
  • If you cannot locate where your spouse’s email should be input, please watch the video above that will walk you through the process.
The authorization code isn’t working. What should I do?2024-01-09T17:57:31+00:00
  • Confirm you entered the correct email address, and press the green button requesting the access code be sent to your email.
  • Check your spam or junk mailbox to confirm the authorization code was not sent there.
  • Contact us for further assistance.
What if I don’t receive an email with my access code?2024-01-10T13:38:23+00:00

Check your spam/junk email folder. If you do not receive your code within the 20-minute time limit, please request another. You can also search your email for “” If issues persist, contact us.

What can I expect when receiving my return via SafeSend?2024-01-09T17:46:54+00:00
  • First, your accountant will reach out to you directly, stating that your return has been completed.
  • You will then receive an email with a secure link to access your completed tax return.
    • You will enter the last four digits of your SSN and “request an access code” which you will receive via email and enter in the required field.
  • Once you have gained access to your tax returns, you will be able to:
    • Download, review and/or print your tax returns.
    • See if you owe taxes, are receiving any refunds, and see your estimated tax payments (if applicable).
    • Electronically sign your personal e-file authorization forms. For personal returns, the IRS requires identity verification. Please do not be alarmed by the personal questions as these are pulled from public databases.
I can’t access my return. What should I do?2024-01-09T17:55:42+00:00
  • Confirm receipt of the email containing a link to your return, click the link to access your return. 
  • If you still are having trouble, try clearing your browser cache and trying again. 
  • If the problems continue, give us a call. 
I can’t find my emailed tax return. What should I do?2024-01-09T17:55:03+00:00
  • If you have not already done so, add to your safe list to prevent it from being categorized as spam or junk.
  • Second check your Spam or Junk mailbox.
  • If issues persist, contact us for assistance.
How can I ensure smooth communication and access to my documents?2024-01-09T17:54:20+00:00
  • Please add to your safe list to prevent it from being categorized as spam or junk. 
  • For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome. 
How will I receive my Tax Return?2024-01-09T17:53:40+00:00

When your tax return is complete, a secure link will be emailed to you. Access your returns, review, sign Form 8879, and submit approval of your return and authorization form.

Where can I find my Prior Year Returns?2024-01-09T17:53:08+00:00
  • In 2024, the last 3 years of your tax return will be delivered with your 2023 tax return. 
  • If you need them sooner, we can send you a secure link to obtain them. Please make sure to either download the Returns or save the email link. We are always happy to assist you with getting copies of prior year returns that we have prepared and filed for you. 
How do I send my supporting tax documents securely?2024-01-09T17:48:31+00:00

Utilize ShareSafe, accessible through our staff members’ email signatures. This method ensures confidentiality and offers a more secure option than email.

How do I log into SafeSend?2024-01-09T17:47:39+00:00

No login is required for SafeSend. Anything we send you or that you send us is done through secure links sent to your email, accessible through authorization of security questions and